Who We Are

Our team + mission

Who We Are

Our team + Mission

The birch co

Our Goal

The Birch Co is a small construction business in the heart of Oklahoma focused on creating home value where it seemingly lacks. With a growing family and business, we genuinely believe home is where life happens and can unfold in the least likely places. We thrive off of finding value where it has otherwise been forgotten, creating homes and spaces for clients who can truly identify with their space and the process of taking something undesirable and making it the dream. Our goal is to find spaces that embody our values and match those spaces with like-minded clients.

Brett + Mady Davis

Both born and raised in Oklahoma, Brett and Mady have their roots buried here. They are a team both on the job and at home. Mady has a keen eye for design and implementing the new with the old – while Brett has a penchant for working it all together.

After college, they both took on full-time jobs but began flipping homes on the side. Those side jobs led them to learn the trade and eventually Brett became the superintendent of a big box builder in Oklahoma City. All the while they continued to flip, renovate, and rent older and smaller homes in Shawnee. After seeing the opportunity to take their talents to Tulsa, they took the leap of faith and moved their family of three to northeast Oklahoma. The business was officially established in 2017, but the hard work, growing, and learning for the better part of a decade culminates with what we know as The Birch Co.

Trent Vallier

Trent is the head of our construction, ensuring that every step of the building process gets completed with excellence. With 10+ years of experience in commercial construction and business ownership, Trent brings a unique skill set to help make this ship sail.

Briley Wall

Briley is our real estate expert on the team. She’s your point of contact from contracts to new construction lots and the whole selection process from the ground up. She walks our clients through the entire journey of deciding where to build and everything in between. You could not be in better hands with 10+ years of experience in new construction real estate.

Melissa Case

Melissa runs and operates our interior design team at The Birch Co. When it comes to your home, every space deserves a well-thought-out design, and Melissa knows how to bring it all together. 

Blake Boswell, AIA

As the founding principle and architect at Birch Design, Blake combines his passion for building relationships with his unmatched attention to detail to help our clients achieve their vision. His experience in both commercial and residential architecture allows Birch Design to develop multiple project types.

Beau Davis

Beau runs and operates our renovation arm of The Birch Co. His expertise in on-site construction and project management makes for a wonderful experience. We love making old things new and bringing life to a dead space. Beau and his team do just that.  

Let's Build Something Together

Reach out to us and let us know about your project! Tell us who you are, your budget, and what you are wanting to do. We can’t wait to meet up!