Our Process

Our Process

Our Process

Outside of new construction there will always be a need to renovate existing homes. Birch Renovations works hand in hand with customers navigating the waters of renovating their own personal home with the same care, detail, and attention they would find in a Birch Co new home.

Starts With A Vision

In our initial meeting, we will discuss your wants and needs in your home. We will go over your Pinterest boards and your budget. You will get to know Brett and Mady, who they are, what inspires them, and their initial thoughts about your project. From this meeting, both parties will understand if The Birch Co is a good fit to undertake your home project.

The Proposal

After our initial meeting and deciding that The Birch Co is a good fit, we will come back with our proposal. We will work within your budget to create a build & design plan that matches the ideas you laid out for us in the vision meeting.


After the proposal is signed, construction will commence on your home project. Construction has many ebbs and flows throughout the process. There will be times things move quickly and times where they are seemingly at a standstill. We are continuously working on your home. And throughout, you will be updated through our superintendents and with our Buildertrend App – up-to-date progress at your fingertips.

Design Collaboration

During construction, you will meet again with Mady and the design team to discuss finishes, change orders, tile, baseboards, cabinetry, etc.  All staying in line with the proposal and budget. These last few touches will lead us into the completion phase of the process. At this time, the home’s vision is coming to life.

The Completion

During completion, we are installing fixtures, mirrors, shower doors and finish flooring, Finishing exterior landscaping, and implementing the final design ideas from Mady and her team. This is where we tie up all loose ends and put a bow on your home.

Final Walk-Thru

Your home is complete! We are all cleaned up, and you are ready to move in and enjoy your new living space. We will get your feedback about the house and how to improve it in the future. We thank you for trusting us in the process and cannot wait for you to begin this next chapter in your life and your home!

Get STarted

Let's build together

With our design+build approach look no further. We are ready to serve you!

Get STarted

Let's Build Together

With our design+build approach look no further. We are ready to serve you!

Let's Build Something Together

Reach out to us and let us know about your project! Tell us who you are, your budget, and what you are wanting to do. We can’t wait to meet up!